Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Seven and Seven and Seven.

1. I bought seven comics this past week.
2. I’m going to review them all, swiftly.
3. But in a very specific special way.
4. Each comic’ll be reviewed in seven lines.
5. Each line will have exactly seven words.
6. I’ll probably miscount at some odd point.
7. It’s harder counting to seven on hooves.

JLU #251. JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED #25: This comic’s fun.
2. Blue Devil? Who doesn’t like him? Commies!
3. Doctor Fate’s in this story too. Cool!
4. But as usual, it falls into a cliché.
5. Somebody has to learn a life lesson.
6. Why’s that? Just because it’s for kids?
7. Still, more fun than Justice League #1.

Detective #8231. DETECTIVE #823: This comic is sorta fun.
2. This one’s not as good as #822.
3. Isn’t Poison Ivy dead? Gotham Knights #65?
4. Really embarrassing cheesecake art is kinda creepy.
5. It looks a bit like tentacle rape.
6. (Not that I know what that is.)
7. Still, I like Batman better than pre-Crisis.

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #121. FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD SPIDER-MAN #12: This is fun.
2. Dueling Mysterios cause big trouble for Spidey.
3. Plus Flash actually acts heroic for once.
4. “You want acting, go get Tobey Maguire.”
5. ”I should’ve dressed up like a bat.”

6. (Silly, but best lines of the week!)

7. Creepy, spooky cliffhanger! I'll buy number thirteen!

American Splendor #11. AMERICAN SPLENDOR #1: This comic is fun.
2. John usually won’t let me read Vertigo.
3. He made an exception for Harvey Pekar.
4. It’s got both funny and sad slice-of-life stories.
5. Harvey’s cranky but he tells great tales.
6. Excellent black and white art throughout, too.
7. Hey, my copy’s signed by Dean Haspiel!

52 Week 181. 52 WEEK 18: This comic is fun.
2. But I still have a few complaints.
3. Please stop writing Montoya as a caricature!
4. Why would an ex-cop be so self-destructive?
5. Surely she’s had to shoot people before.
6. But it’s nice seeing stories come together.
7. And Booster’s funeral? Sad. Guy didn’t come?

Battler Britton #31. BATTLER BRITTON #3: This comic is fun.
2. Solid hearty war comics! A good thing.
3. Ennis proves he can write PG, too.
4. War is hell. Even up in planes.
5. This reminds me of Kubert war comics.
6. Solid art and action; I’m enjoying this.
7. Plus, I learned what “pranged” means: destroyed.

Agents of Atlas #21. AGENTS OF ATLAS #2: This comic? Fun!
2. A comic with a talking gorilla? Yes!!
3. Good solid mystery, excellent recap of #1.
4. The most fun comic of the week.
5. But gosh, Venus! Put some clothes on.
6. If I could blush, I probably would.
7. (Black and white and red all over.)


googum said...

I have Gotham Knights #65, with Ivy's death, and the Fluronic Man, and Hush...and I'll never bring it up again if you don't. Now, if Dini can bring back Scarface and the Ventriloquist...

SallyP said...

You know, I wondered why none of the old JLIers came to Booster's
funeral too. I imagine that Guy, beting on Oa just doesn't know, but shouldn't Fire have gone?

Steven said...

Guy's ot only on Oa, he's not allowed back on Earth during 52 according to GLC:Recharge. Fire a) might have still been pissed off at Booster for acting like a jerk in issue #4 and not gone to his funeral out of spite or b) was deep into a Checkmate mission and couldn't surface in time to make it. After that, well, there aren't a lot of JLIers around anymore...

And as for Detective Comics, there's creepy cheesecake and tentacle rape-esque tree imagery right on the COVER, so you can't say they didn't warn ya!

Bully said...

Oh, I didn't know about Guy on Oa.

What about Max? Why wasn't Max there?

(Yes, I know. It's a joke.)

Brandon Bragg said...

I figured L-Ron would at least make an appearance.

Roland Dodds said...

I knew those commies were out to get Blue Devil. Now I have proof.