Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Peter Parker Totally Rocks, Too!

That whole pamcake thing?

Everything Sue Richards knows about making pamcakes, she learned from May Parker:
May Parker's Wheatcakes

Whether buttermilk or wheat, they're the thing you love to eat. I think I'll have some right now! Pamcakes!


CalvinPitt said...

Darn it. Now I want pamcakes.

And why don't we see Peter eating wheatcakes any more? What, did dying take away his sense of taste?

Unknown said...

Mmmm. Pamcakes!

And if Peter still ate wheatcakes, he probably wouldn't have taken any of Iron Man's guff!

Harvey Jerkwater said...

Little known fact: Mrs. Von Doom fed her little boy waffles.

Pamcakes = heroism.
Waffles = villainy.

Now you know.

Bully said...

And knowing is half the battle!

So how does that explain, say, Batroc?

Oh yeah...french toast.

Erich said...

Did you read Birds of Prey #96?

When all you've ever known in your life is the harsh, unrelenting training to turn you into a living weapon, what is the one thing that can bring a tear to your eye?

Why, the sheer joy that comes from a taste of pancakes, of course!

Bully said...

I haven't read BOP #96, Erich, but it's goin' on my want list!

It's clear to me from the enthusiastic response to these two posts that all you right-thinking people love pancakes and comics about pancakes!

Are you listenin', DC? Are you payin' attention, Marvel?