Thursday, March 02, 2017

Today in newuniversal History: Not everybody makes it out alive of Day 1

Panels from newuniversal #3 (April 2007), script by Warren Ellis, pencils and inks by Salvador Larroca, colors by Jason Keith, letters by Rus Wooton

That wraps this up: there's not many more March 2 timed and dated panels in the newuniversal comics, and to be fair, there's not that many newuniversal comics left anyway. After a six-issue miniseries and a small handle of one- (and two-) shots, the line dwindles away and the story has no conclusion. Compared to the original New Universe, the newuniverse has a pretty short life.

See? I told you that without Kickers, Inc., a New Universe is just not worth it.

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