Sunday, January 01, 2017

Free gift with this blog!: Your *new* 1950 2017 Batman and Robin Calendar!

Hey, look, kids (and adults, and little stuffed beings)! A calendar from 1950 can be used perfectly again in 2017! Now, it's your job to keep looking forward and not bring the country itself back to the '50s, but you can clip 'n' save this nifty Dark Knight and Boy Wonder calendar for the entire year of 2017! Click it to embiggen, and take it from there! (This message brought to you by Canon™ CLI-251 "Y" yellow ink cartridges!)

"1950 Batman and Robin Calendar" from Batman #57 (February-March 1950); pencils and inks by Win Mortimer
(Click picture to beefy-chesty-Batman-size)

(And tomorrow: a look at another, detailed-the-way-fans-want-it DC calendar you can use for 2017!)

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