Monday, August 03, 2009

Favorite Elvis Songs of the Marvel Silver Age Western Stars

Hey, Kid Colt, Outlaw!
What's your favorite Elvis song?

Kid Colt, Outlaw #103
Panel from Kid Colt, Outlaw #103 (March 1962), script by Stan Lee, art by Jack Keller

Well, thank you muchly for the answer, Blaine! So let's send the following platter out as a long-distance dedication to the man who cleaned up the Wild West until he was sent time-traveling to a post-apocalyptic future and then whose body later wound up mounted and stuffed in a museum...wait a minute, I think I got my Wikipedia articles mixed up. In any case, this one's going out to you, Kid Colt!

That's it for another exciting installment of "Favorite Elvis Songs of the Marvel Silver Age Western Stars"! Join us next time when The Rawhide Kid chooses his favorite Elvis song! Until then...thank yuh! Thank yuh verra much!

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Michael Jones said...

Is this too obvious for Carter Slade?