Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I Miss (Captain) America

Like he did every single day of his freakin' amazing life, Cap lays down the awesome, not on the Red Skull, not on Batroc the Leaper, not on Baron Heinrich "Ach, mein mask ist verschtucken!" Zemo, but on some punks with snowballs:
Avengers #194 panels
Avengers #194 panels
Avengers #194 panels
Avengers #194 panels
All panels are from Avengers #194, April 1980, written by David Michelinie,
art by George Perez, Josef Rubenstein, and Ben Sean

Moral number one: Don't screw with Captain America.

Moral number two: No way a guy who could do this could get surprised by a sniper.

Moral number three: Nobody draws snow better than George Perez.

Moral number four: Yes, comic book printing did really used to be that crappy.


FoldedSoup said...

You don't tug on Sentry's cape
You don't Spit into Typhon
You don't pull the mask off the ol' Spider-Man
And you don't mess around with Cap!

Mmmm hmm hmm hmm hmm'ahmma hmmm

QATim said...


I agree no sniper could kill cap. If you read the issue, it's a tad more complicated than what has been reported (unsure if you read the issue). That being said, as long as Cap is being written by Jeff Parker and drawn by Leonard Kirk (in an upcoming MA: Avengers arc)--Cap is never dead. And as I keep saying about Brubaker--he brought back Bucky, there's no way his Cap would ever actually die.
(And in conclusion, I remember reading that issue of Avengers and loving that scene...

Jeff Rients said...

Holy crap, that sequence is awesome!

Also "Ach, mein mask ist verschtucken!" is comedy gold.

SallyP said...

Hey, I have this issue, and it was great. On the other hand, who wants to wager that young Kin Tu has put those soiled pants up for bid on eBay?


Mike Baehr said...

Moral number five: Subfreezing temperatures be damned, skimpy superheroine outfits know no season.

Captain Infinity said...

The only way Cap could be any cooler is if he split the snowball in two with his shield and caused the separate halves to strike those kids.
(And he could have done it, too!)

Anonymous said...

That is the best thing I've seen today. Thanks Bully!

captain infinity: He could've, but he didn't want to be a show-off.

Anonymous said...

Fun post, but I'm concerned that you may be baffled by barons...did you mean Zemo? Or have I missed something? Well, OK, I've missed a lot of the last 20 years of Marvel, but that's not what I mean!

Bully said...

You're right, David! I typed "Baron Heinrich Strucker." (Consider yourself Bull-Prized for spotting that!) I'm especially red-faced since I went double-checking his first name but then forgot to correct his last name. You da man, and although I'd corrected it in my main text, you get the credit for setting me straight.

But did I get his middle name correct?

Anonymous said...

Ah, the good old days, when comics were driven by stories, not "events". George Perez's autograph was the first I ever got at a comic book convention when I was a kid. Little did I appreciate at the time how much he "lays down the awesome".