Friday, June 21, 2024

Today in Comics History, June 21, 2003: Then again, he's never seen Supertrain

from Miracleman (1985 series) #24 (Eclipse, June 1993), script by Neil Gaiman, pencils and inks by Mark Buckingham, colors by Matt Brooker as D'Israeli, letters by Wayne Truman

Poor Young Miracleman! History has changed so dramatically they probably never even invented cable.

Now let's look at that same scene, completely redrawn in the Mighty Marvel Manner!

from Miracleman by Gaiman and Buckingham: The Silver Age (2022 series) #2 (Marvel, January 2023), script by Neil Gaiman, new pencils and inks by Mark Buckingham, new colors by Jordie Bellaire, new letters by Todd Klein

Yeah, I don't get the point of doing it that way, either.

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Blam said...

He’s a week old but feels compelled to mention that it’s colour television?