Sunday, November 05, 2023

Bully (Makes and) Eats Food: Orange Chicken

Hey, check it out, gourmets and gourmands: I made Chinese food for dinner tonight — orange chicken!

Okay, okay, I may have cheated a little. But I still made it!


Blam said...

I congratulate you on your achievement but feel bad for John having to clean that fuzzy chin.
The Dragon House’s orange chicken in Wildwood, NJ, was a childhood favorite, I suspect in large part because anything battered in sweet, syrupy sauce will hit the spot at that age. I went mostly pescatarian back in 2015 and get turned off by citrus flavor now, having given up orange juice decades ago due to migraines, but those memories still warm my heart.

Bully said...

John doesn't have to wash me up too much! i am a very neat eater.

(puts a spoon in each hoof; goes at it like a mixmaster)