Monday, September 18, 2023

Today in Comics History, September 18: Happy birthday, Jesse Shepard! Or is that...Francis Grierson?!?

Born on this day in 1848 (so in case you wanted to contact him in a séance, he's probably on that other side): Jesse Shepard, who used the pen name Francis Grierson. He was a composer, pianist and writer, but we, as fans of comic books and ghost stories, are primarily interested in him as an occultist, who claimed to channel the spirit of the dead Hector Berlioz and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart through his musical performances. Spooky, huh, kids? here, read more about it...on yellow paper!:

"Phantom Fingers" from Ghosts (1971 series) #10 (DC, December 1972), creators uncredited and unknown

Happy birthday, Jeese and/or Francis, wherever you are! Hey, play us that brand new song by Prince, huh?

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