Tuesday, June 06, 2023

Today in Comics History, June 6: Happy birthday, Jason Isaacs!

Wish a happh birthday today to actor Jason Isaacs from The Patriot, Black Hawk Down, Hotel Mumbai, The Death of Stalin, Brotherhood, Event Horizon and many more! Including, you betcha, the role of sleek baddie Lucius Malfoy (boo!) in the Harry Potter films based on the novels of J.K. Rowling (even louder boo!):

from "Harry Plodder and the Lamest of Sequels" in MAD #424 (December 2002), script by Desmond Devlin, pencils and inks by Tom Richmond

He was also, of course, Captain Gabriel Lorca on the first season of Star Trek: Discovery! That's him at the bottom. He never got to be a large figure on a cover because, like in Harry Potter, he was a baddie from an evil universe. Geez, Jason, and you wonder why children and little stuffed bulls shriek and run away from you? I added the red circle so you can spot more quickly who he is (and run away from him quickly, like tribbles and little stuffed space bulls.

cover of Star Trek: Discovery Annual 2018 (IDW, March 2018), pencils and inks by George Caltsoudas

Still, Jason Isaacs can't be all bad! Here he is at least pretending to like MAD magazine!

from the letter column of MAD #460 (December 2005), submitted by Ross Feinburg

Happy birthday, Mr. Jason Isaacs please don't hurt me.


Aram said...

Hey, you must have heard what they're doing to Beast currently in the comics. I hate it so, so much. Do you think, as a character, he'll be ruined? That's something I'm afraid of.

Blam said...

I don’t remember Jason Isaacs playing Blackhawk or The Patriot…

Bully said...

@Aram: i hate it! I miss bouncing blue (but brilliant) Beast. Holding out hope there will be a reversal or a reveal at some point ythjat this is Dark Beast.

Aram said...

@Bully: Awhile back they ruled out it is definitely NOT Dark Beast, who is imprisoned by Sinister. Every theory that fans try to explain his behavior Percy ruthlessly destroys, as if to say: No, this is 100% the real Beast. I have never been more sick of one writer. I came back to the X-Books last July after a long absence and was greeted with...this. There are strong hints that Beast will be killed off and reset back to his Avengers era personality, with his recent memories wiped. But that doesn't excuse what Percy has made to do. I think the next writer will just have to ignore what's been done to him, as this whole era has been nonsensical. Sorry for the long rant, it's just that Beast has always been my favorite X-Men, and like you I hate what's been done to him.