Monday, February 06, 2023

Today in Comics History, February 6: Snaky birthday, Ronald Reagan!

Born on this day in 1911, the 40th President of the United Snakes, Ronald Reagan. I'm absolutely no fan of Reagan, so I'm definitely not gonna wish him a happy birthday (more like...). But I do choose to salute him the way I remember him best...

cover of Captain America (1968 series) #344 (Marvel, August 1988), pencils by Ron Frenz, inks by Al Milgrom a slithering snake-man Captain America got to punch in the face.

It all begins as a plot by Viper and the Serpent Society...

from Captain America (1968 series) #344 (Marvel, August 1988), script by Mark Gruenwald, pencils by Kieron Dwyer, inks by Al Milgrom, colors by Bob Sharen, letters by Joe Rosen

Oh man, you need Clearasil, and fast, dude!

Not even astrology-toutin' Nancy Reagan was immune from the effects of the snake plague!

He's a cold-hearted snake
Cap, look into his eyes
He's been tellin' lies
He's a Republican at heart
Cap, he don't play by rules
Cap, don't play the fool now

You know, even as a snake, I never wanted to see Reagan in his tighty-whiteys. Put on a lab coat like the Lizard, ya jerk.

Unfortunately, Reagan was back to human (or, at least as much as he could be) by the end of the story. Just as DC kicked off dozens of interesting stories in 2000 when Lex Luthor became President, so I think Marvel oughta have left Ronald Reagan as a snake for the rest of his term. Think of the story possibilities!

There! That done, I won't have to think about Ronald Reagan for the entire rest of the year. Join us here in 2024 when we check in on him again for another respectful, nuanced portrayal of Reagan in comic books.

from Deadpool (2013 series) #4-5 (Marvel, March-April 2013), script by Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn, pencils and inks by Tony Moore, colors byt Val Staples, letters by Joe Sabino


Michael Grabowski said...

How I would love to see a version of that splash page redrawn by Charles Burns.

-- MrJM said...

I suspected that that link would go to Twisted Sister and I was not disappointed!

-- MrJM

Blam said...

No Reagan’s Raiders? It even covers both of the birthday boys!

Manqueman said...

It's a dirty job, so I'll do it: St. Ronnie maybe here in the real world is less snake and more, to quote our exceptional Congressional record, just another RepubliQan p*ssy *ss b*tch.