Sunday, May 08, 2022

Today in Comics History, May 8: Happy birthday, Moebius!

Born on this day in 1938: French writer and artist Jean Giraud, better known to the world as Moebius, one of the greatest twentieth-century names in comics and co-creator of Blueberry and The Incal.

from The Art of Moebius (Marvel/Epic, 1989)

Does Moebius exist within the Marvel Universe? You bet your doux bippĂ©e he does — and he loves palling around with Doctor Strange!

from Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme #9 (Marvel, November 1989), script by Roy Thomas and Dann Thomas, pencils and inks by Butch Guice

Reminder: do not get Moebius mixed up with Michael Morbius!

from "These Boots Were Made for Daywalkin'!" in Toyfare #88 (Wizard, October 2004), by Pat McCallum, Tom Root, Zach Oat and Justin Aclin

Now here's Morbius. By Moebius!

cover of Marvel Tales (1966 series) #253 (Marvel, September 1991), pencils by Moebius, inks by Sylvain Despretz
Special thanks and a neck-bitten No-Bull Prize to pal Rob London for bringin' this cover to my attention!

Just remember: this is not the genuine Moebius towering over Dan Dare here like some great...towering thing.

from "The Doomsday Machine, Part 7" in 2000 AD prog 85 (IPC, 7 October 1978), script Nick Landau and Roy Preston, pencils and inks by Dave Gibbons, letters by Peter Knight

Bon anniversaire, M. Moebius!

from Marvel Age #119 (Marvel, December 1992)

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