Tuesday, January 04, 2022

Today in Comics History, January 4: Happy birthday, Bruno Premiani!

Hey, remember yesterday when we celebrated the birthday or DC editor Murray Boltinoff and I showed you some pretty keen panels from Doom Patrol spotlighting an appearance by Murray! Well, I hope y'all loved those panels, because one day later, here they are again, to celebrate the other creative soul in that comic story, artist Bruno Premiani, born on this day in 1907!

from The Doom Patrol (1964 series) #121 (DC, September 1968), script by Arnold Drake, pencils and inks by Bruno Premiani, letters by Ben Oda

Bruno was the co-creator of The Doom Patrol (and all its heroes, villains, and supporting characters from the 1963-68 run), and he also co-created with Bob Haney those adolescent adventures The (Original) Teen Titans! Ah, at last someone to blame for Cartoon Network running Teen Titans Go! 23 hours a day! In addition, he's drawn stories for DC's Tomahawk, Johnny Peril, and World's Finest Comics, Prize's Western Love and Black Magic, Gilberton's Classics Illustrated and The World Around Us series, and, as we like to say around her, lots more! He's also the author (with Beatriz Premiani) and illustrator of El Caballo, an excellent history and anatomy of our equine friends, which oughta help you out quite a bit with drawing your Mind Horse!

A very happy birthday to you, Bruno Premiani!

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