Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Today in Comics History, January 21: Joker is three weeks behind Ned Flanders in doing his taxes

from "The Joker's Millions!" in Detective Comics #180 (DC, February 1952), script by David Vern (?), pencils by Dick Sprang, inks by Charles Paris

Joker pays his taxes on January 31? He must be registered as a self-employed Clown of Crime.

Oh, I see, they're fictional taxes. Man, Gotham City is weird. Mind you, when this story was written and published, the United States Tax Day was actually March 15. I remember this actual fact because it was the key clue in figuring out an Ellery Queen story in which "all the evidence has been lain before you." yeah, including quaint antiquated tax deadlines. (It's the March story in Mister Queen's delightful Calendar of Crime (Amazon ad), and I recommend it with only that one slight tax-deadline hesitation.)

Here's some other stuff Joker does in the couple weeks between today and the end of the month:

Paints a monkey's face and locks him up with Batman!:

Turns Batman and Robin into ushers!:

Attends a swanky cabaret where the posh entertainment is a panda!:

Breaks the boundaries of the Scott McCloud-designated comics panel border!:

So if you think you've got a couple rough weeks comin' up: consider the Joker. Won't you?

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Dave said...

If that monkey is the same one in "What Did Jack Do?," he deserves an Oscar. Actually, I'd like to see David Lynch's version of this story.