Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Today in Comics History: Bad News, Good News

There are newspapers! Of course there are. Well, let's read the terrible headline first:

Page from Back to the Future: Biff to the Future #5 (June 2017), story and script by Bob Gale and Derek Fridolfs, pencils by Alan Robinson, inks by Alan Robinson and Jaime Castro, colors by Maria Santaolalla, letter by Shawn Lee

GREAT SCOTT! How's Doc Brown gonna get out of this one? Oh! (sees there is one issue left) Well, it's not like a comic book ever served up a cliffhanger before, but I'll wait and see.

Meanwhile, here's the good news, or at least the puff piece. Really, was it that newsless in Metropolis on that day, Perry?

Panels from Wonder Woman (1987 series) #170 (July 2001), script by Phil Jimenez and Joe Kelly, pencils by Phil Jimenez, inks by Andy Lanning, colors by Patricia Mulvihill, color separations by Heroic Age, letters by Comicraft

Geez, why doncha marry her, Lois?

Meanwhile, here's some bad news and good news about yours little stuffed truly: I haven't had much time to work on my blog lately (that's the bad news, smartass), so you haven't seen many updates, and I do hereby little stuffed apologize for that. I just wanted top assure you that this blog ain't out of business, defunct, closed or even out to pasture, which is not a lifestyle for this little bull.

Nope! I promise you we'll see more of Mxyzptlk this year and more Days of Defiance (because we simply can't not) and more Todays in Comics History even if they're not precisely all exactly on the right day and probably more declarations COCAINE! So hang in there, because today is this blog's THIRTEENTH BIRTHDAY, even though I'm only seven (which is a very good age to be). Yep, thirteen years have I been bugging you with that Angel Love joke.

So keep on checkin' in occasionally and I'll be here for you. Thanks!


Dave said...

Welcome back, Bully!

googum said...

Looking forward to it!

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Blam said...

Slightly belated but still heartfelt 13th birthday wishes to your blog and little stuffed hugs to you, Bully.

Yatz said...

Happy anniversary, bar-mitzva boy!

Tom said...

Happy Anniversary, Bully!

-- MrJM said...

This post made my day! (My week, if I'm painfully honest)

-- MrJM

RayRay said...

Happy belated birthday, Bully!