Thursday, September 21, 2017

365 Days of Defiance, Day 264: "My name is Blackagar Boltagon, king of the uncanny Inhumans, son of Agon and Rynda, guest star in Fantastic Four comics. Father to a mad son, husband to a wife having a really great hair day. And I will have my comic book series, in this life or the next."

Gladiator combat! It's all the rage this season for Kirby-created characters! But don't make black Bolt thor...when you throw him in the ring and tell him to kill his defeated opponent, there's only one thing Mister Boltagon is gonna say, and that's "..............." Oh wait, he can talk now.

Panels from Black Bolt #2 (August 2017), script by Saladin Ahmed, art by Christian Ward, letters by Clayton Cowles

Man, they shoulda used this for the TV series!

But as one of the great philosophers of our time has opined, that trick never works! And B.B. is tossed back into the cells, whwre he and his better-not-turn-your-back-on-'em temporary allies are prepared to get out of Dodge! Because jailbreak! It's all the rage this season for Kirby-created characters!

Next issue: The Great Escape! It's all the rage this season, you know the rest.

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