Wednesday, March 08, 2017

365 Days of Defiance, Day 67: Meanwhile, back in Leningrad, Captain Russia is standing in line to get a potato.

Remember when the Russians were the good guys? (Sure! We all do!) Back in World War II, things woulda gone a lot different if the Russian forces hadn't stopped Hitler's slow trudge eastward across Eurasia! Sure, we know that Colonel Klink was constantly be threatened with reassignment to the Russian Front, but how bad was it? Well: this bad.

Panels from Captain America: Living Legend #1 (December 2013); co-plot and script by Andy Diggle; co-plot, pencils, inks, and colors by Adi Granov, letters by Joe Caramagna

Who can save these Russian G.I. Ivans now? Nope, it ain't Captain Russia, pal! It's good old, fighting-for-your-rights in his red-white-and-blue tights Captain America! (You may now salute the comic book.)

And that's why the Russians invented Communism.

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