Friday, March 31, 2017

Today in Comics History: Subscribers line up in droves to get cheap issues of Cybernauts

Subscription ad from X-Factor #3 (April 1986)


Pete Rooth said...

I always wondered: What was that Cybernauts series that never happened all about? It was listed only on this subcription form but I never saw any other materials about it at the time?

Bully said...

Good question, Pete, and I have to admit I didn't realize that series never came out! It might have been released under a different name? Let me do some research with 1985-1986 Marvel Age issues and see what I can find!

Blam said...

"The X-Factor?" Huh. Also, I'm surprised it and New Mutants are on there but the parent title isn't. Maybe there was such a thing as being too popular for subscriptions for some reason.