Monday, November 14, 2016

366 Days with J. Jonah Jameson, Day 319: Uomo ragno, uomo ragno, egli fa tutto ciò che un ragno può

Now, a Spider-Man story I bet most of you have never read! Here's panels from Spider-Man: Il Segreto Del Vetro (Secret of the Glass), an original Spider-Man story created and published in Italy. JJJ sends Peter to Venice where he finds mystery, intrigue, monsters, canals, and ravioli!

Panels from Spider-Man:Secret of the Glass [Il Segreto Del Vetro] (a.k.a. Special Events #42) one-shot (Panini, January 2004), script by Tito Faraci, art by Giorgio Cavazzano, English translation by Laurence Belingard

You can read more about Il Segreto Del Vetro at and Matthew Craig's website, but the only English edition in print is in the UK-published collection Marvel Europa. It's worth lookin' out for! Capisce?


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Blam said...

Qui viene l'Uomo Raaaagnooooooooooo!