Sunday, August 14, 2016

A Month of... Board Games! Day 14: Some Fantastic Place

The thing I love about this one is that the game track is actually Reed Richards's stretchy body.

"The Race Through Doom Castle" from Fantastic Four Annual 1979 (Marvel UK/Grandreams Ltd, 1979)
(Click picture to Terror in a Tiny Town-size)

Yes, the only way this game track could be better would be if it took you down the Orange Brick Road. But here's the next best thing (even if it's not the right color because they're printed on one-colour pages):

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Blam said...

Hey! Remember when Ben Grimm actually had to wear a Thing mask? Well, Thing suit complete with head anyway. Also: That's some terrible lettering in the directions even if you ignore the errant, ungrammatical possessivization (?) of Reed's last name. Which I can't.