Sunday, July 24, 2016

A Month of... Pancakes! Day 24: God, it looks like Mon-El, must be the Kryptonite in my eyes

Pal-in-blogging Mike Sterling, the man so nice they named him after a great comic book shop, pointed my fuzzy and be-ringéd nose in the direction of a post he made years ago featuring Superboy and his hetero lifemate Mon-El eating lotsa pancakes (thus showing that Mike is way ahead of us all on the flapjack curve). Here's my salute and homage to that classic post. Thanks, Mike!

Panels from "Vengeance of the Super-Villains" in Superboy [starring the Legion of Super-Heroes] (1949 series) #208 (April 1975); script by Cary Bates, pencils and inks by Mike Grell, letters by Ben Oda

Well, isn't that nice of Ma and Pa Kent? They sure take care of their boy...and his pal from one thousand years in the future who only knows pancakes in pill form. Yes, Pa and Ma Kent are the best parents ever who found a baby on the side of the road and took it home and claimed it as their own.

OH THAT'S NOT GOOD. Don't you know, Pa, that statistics say if you have a futuristic sci-fi raygun in the home, you're 93% more likely to use it against a super member of your own family?

The explanation, Superboy? Cary Bates is the explanation.


Dave said...

If they're traveling through time, why does it matter when they leave?

Blam said...

He never did get a super-villain name. "Cary Bates is... The Explanation!" works for me.