Thursday, July 21, 2016

366 Days with J. Jonah Jameson, Day 203: Oh mein Papa

Please join me today in wishing a happy 117th birthday to an American giant of literature, Ernest Hemingway! He's a pretty big deal, but did he ever get his picture in Marvel Comics, did he? Have you ever seen his picture in a Marvel comic? Hmmm? How can you say someone is great who's never had his picture in Marvel Comics?

Still, J. Jonah Jameson seems to like him.

Panels from Marvel Team-Up (1972 series) #122 (October 1982), script by J. M. Dematteis, pencils by Kerry Gammill, inks by Mike Esposito, colors by Bob Sharen

So, if we can take anything from all this, it's that Ernest Hemingway has never had his picture in Marvel Comics.

Panels from Wolverine (1988 series) #35 (January 1991), script by Larry Hama, pencils by Marc Silvestri, inks by Dan Green, colors by Glynis Oliver, letters by Pat Brosseau

Oh. Never mind.

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Green Luthor said...

Jonah doesn't like poetry?

Sheesh, it's like Marvel doesn't even *care* about continuity any more! :)