Friday, January 01, 2016

The MAD 1960 2016 calendar for Jerky January!

Well, sorry folks: no Marvel Age Calendar for this year, because as far as I can tell, Marvel Age didn't put a calendar on the back covers of their 1988 issues. (Boo! Hiss! Get rid of those house ads!) In fact, I can't return to the Marvel Age calendars until at least 2018, when I can re-use the 1990 one; or 2019, when I can ditto with the 1985. And what with it bein' a Leap Year (gosh! I better watch myself around Shelly the Otter!), we'd have to go back to 1960 to look for a calendar we can use again in 2016! Say, now that you mention it...

"The MAD 1960 Calendar" from MAD #52 (January 1960), script by Larry Siegel, art by Bob Clarke

Why, that's just what we need, a calendar that brings us boldly into the sixties sixteen!

"The MAD 1960 Calendar: January" from MAD #52 (January 1960), script by Larry Siegel, art by Joe Orlando

Clip it out with scissors and paste it up on the wall of your seedy 1960s style apartment! (Be sure to print it out and don't cut up your computer monitor. Don't make the same silly mistake I made!)

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Blam said...

I hope John helped you out with the scissors, Bully — you're only six, and those hooves must be tricky when using people equipment. Happy New Year!