Saturday, December 19, 2015

Today in Comics History: Superman cheerfully leaves the Continental Army to die in the winter snow

I will never not make fun of the infamous Limited Collectors' Edition #C-47, which promised us this:

Cover of Limited Collectors' Edition #C-47 [Superman Salutes the Bicentennial] (August-September 1976); pencils and inks by Fred Ray, colors by Sol Harrison

...but gave us this: sixty oversized pages of Tomahawk reprints superficially introduced by Superman.

Pages from Limited Collectors' Edition #C-47 (August-September 1976); Superman figures pencilled and inked by Curt Swan; Tomahawk pencils and inks by Fred Ray

What's the matter, Superman, too lazy to fly back into time and show us your adventures in 1776?

Anyway, here's what happened...Today in Comics History!

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