Friday, December 11, 2015

365 Days of Star Wars Comics, Day 345: Heroes on a half-tee

Hey, we can't let this year wind down without yet another one of the

..which I really hope someday becomes a page on TV Tropes, and I become the Trope Namer. Anyway:

Panel from Star Wars #13 (February 2016), script by Jason Aaron, pencils and inks by Mike Deodato, colors by Frank Martin Jr., letters by Chris Eliopoulos

But hey, wait a minute, Doctor Aphra! Are you really wearin' a crop top befitting your position as Darth Vader's chauffeur and general all-around gopher? Let's turn a few pages and look at a couple more panels:

So, I'm guessing the first panel was just a coloring mistake instead of Aphra flaunting her Force-toned abs. Still: skin-tight t-shirts of the Star Wars Universe.

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