Monday, October 12, 2015

Today in Comics History: Christopher Columbus and Napoleon Bonaparte get into an argument about which one of them is more popular so they time-travel to the 20th century to find out if…look, I don't write these comics, I just post about them

Panels from "Across the Ages!" in Strange Adventures #60 (September 1955), script by John Broome, pencils by Jerry Grandenetti, inks by Joe Giella

I included the indicia and the header in these scans so I could prove I'm not just makin' this stuff up.


SallyP said...

I love how the Librarian is totally unflummoxed by the sight of a man dressed up as Napoleon. Must be a pretty common thing, but this is New York after all.

Blam said...

Uh... Why isn't he speaking French?