Saturday, October 24, 2015

Let's Kill Hitler

Hey, the New York Times would like to know if you (yes, you) would kill Baby Hitler? Well, wouldja? (As opposed to say, just punching Adult Hitler.)

I imagine after they decided 'let's poll everyone to see if they'd kill Baby Hitler,' it wasn't that far a leap to making the infographic look like a rattle. I'm betting that at one point during the design process, that rattle had a toothbrush mustache.

Anyway, would you kill Baby Hitler? Booster Gold wouldn't!

Panels from Booster Gold (2007 series) #25 (December 2009), script and pencils by Dan Jurgens, inks by Norm Rapmund, colors by Hi-Fi, letters by Travis Lanham

Even Midnighter (The Batman from Another Universe, Who's Now in the Same Universe As Batman So Why Bother, Really?™) wouldn't kill Baby Hitler.

Panel from Midnighter (2007 series) #2 (February 2007), script by Garth Ennis, pencils by Chris Sprouse, inks by Karl Story, colors by Randy Mayor, letters by Phil Balsman

We've established that heroes and anti-heroes wouldn't kill Baby Hitler (the vote is still out on, say, the Punisher or Wolverine), but would comic book characters kill adult Hitler?

Well, let's find out today, all day, on Let's Kill Hitler!

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