Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Geez, Marvel, really?!? (Vietnam War Department)

From the "Next Issue" blurb page in Marvel's recent The Punisher #16, a promo of issue 17's cover:

Um, Marvel. Probably not the most prudent and sensitive way to feature actual names of U.S. military killed in Vietnam is to put them in a legible image of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall as a backdrop to your Punisher/Captain America comic book slugfest.

Showing an intelligent consideration by Marvel, by the time the actual issue came out two weeks later, the cover looked like this instead, with the Wall's names obscured...

Cover of The Punisher (2014 series) #17 (June 2015), art by Mitch Gerads

...except for one name, Mitch Gerads. The book's artist.

So, anybody else besides me find the concept of the artist putting his own name (complete with cheeky P!nk-style "!" in place of an I) on a depiction of the Vietnam Wall alongside the actual historical names of casualties...not quite right?

In other words: geez, Marvel, really?!?


-- MrJM said...

not quite right?


-- MrJM

ADD said...

Ugh, gross.

Blam said...


Christopher Sobieniak said...

That was such a dumb idea from Day One.