Thursday, January 01, 2015

365 Days of Star Wars Comics, Day 1: He Got that Hat at The Gap

Well, hey, how about last year's 365 Days of KirbyTech feature that I never quite finished, huh? (shuffles hoof nervously, clears throat)

Hey (he said, frantically gesturing in the other direction), look over here...something new for 2015! This year, all year, every day, it's 365 Days of Star Wars Comics! Starting with January 1 and running right up to and through the at-your-local-cinema release of Star Wars Episode VII: There Better be Wookiees In This One.

Let's kick things off with a scene cut and never seen in the original movie, from the very first Star Wars comic book! Then we only got approximately seventy-three thousand left to go through.

Panels from Star Wars #1 (Marvel, July 1977), script by Roy Thomas, pencils and inks by Howard Chaykin, colors by Marie Severin, letters by Jim Novak

So check in daily, and May the Thingee Be With You!

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