Friday, October 31, 2014

Today in Comics History: Business as usual in the Frump* household

Panel from "You've Got to Relax!" in Gasp! #4 (August 1967), script by Joe Morrison, pencils and inks by Sal Trapani

*A special Candy-Coated Bull-Prize to the first commenter to identify this reference!


TheCabanaMan said...


EAG46 said...

Morticia Addams's maiden name!

Bully said...

You win a candy-corn flavored Bull-Prize, EAG! Whoops...I've eaten it. You'd better help yourself to another one off the shelf.

Happy Halloween!

Blam said...

Not having read this story, I can only surmise from the panel shown and title given that it's about a haunted house in which Frankie Goes to Hollywood plays on an endless loop.