Tuesday, September 16, 2014

You could have one more page of Batman adventures, or you could have this

So, this is what passed for "humor" in the Golden Age:

"Kafloppos" from Batman #33 (February-March 1946), pencils and inks by Jack Callahan

Oh, the hilarity.

Please write to DC Comics and demand they bring back a murderous, vengeful Curly Kafloppo in the New 52! You know you want it!


Daniel Frank said...

1) The joke is that the guy doesn't like oddities or mismatches but is fine dating a lady who towers over him.

2) Kafloppos also appears in lieu of an extra page of Superman in Superman #43. The joke in that one is the guy is usually cool as a cucumber but somehow gets flop sweat when carving turkey.

3) At least with the text stories no one ever read, you know it's there because of postal regulations. I don't know why comix always insisted on having 2-3 pages of usually unfunny filler pages.

Blam said...

Not pictured at freak show: Tubby, who ironically slimmed down in his teens and is under Little Lulu's tuchis.