Thursday, September 11, 2014

At 13th Dimension: Spider-Man's Screwiest Spider-Verses debuts!

Tonight over at 13th Dimension, my pal John begins a series of posts about Spider-Man's Screwiest Spider-Verses...weird and wacky alternate versions of Spider-Man we probably won't be seeing in the new Spider-Verse crossover event (darn it). Although Spider-Verse promises every Spider-Man known to man...I bet pal John's come up with a few more! (I helped.)

Here's a web-slinger we can only hope we'll see: Rick Geary's Spider-Man! Here's a sneak preev:

Page from Spider-Man: Chase for the Blue Tiger (1995), written and illustrated by Rick Geary

Whoa, what the Sam Scratch is that crazy silver coin right in the middle of the page? You'll just have to head over to 13th Dimension for Spider-Man's Screwiest Spider-Verses to find out! A splendid time is guaranteed for all!*

*Guarantee does not apply to Green Goblin.


Blam said...

Rick Geary draws a great Nicholas Hammond!

Blam said...

Ooh! I bet it's Mister Miracle in the box. What are he and Oberon doing in a Spider-Man book, though?