Sunday, June 01, 2014

Today in Comics History, June 1, 1990: Spider-Man somehow becomes a shill for Barbara Bush

inside front cover house ad from Adventures in Reading Starring the Amazing Spider-Man #1 one-shot PSA comic (Marvel, 1990), pencils and inks by John Romita Sr. (?)


Kid Kyoto said...

But, but, how can you read this... IF YOU'RE ILLITERATE?1?!??!?!??!one!!

BillyWitchDoctor said...

Gawd dangit, thet stoopit Obama woman cain't tell me whut to d--whut? Oh, Barbara Bush, Maw to the sekkind gratest Presdint whut ever lived and husbind to the the thurd? Wull, thet's okey then.

Ain't trust book reedin' anyways tho. If'n there's a thing watchin' and listenin' t'Rushbo and Bill-O has lerned me, it's that ed-JEW-cated peeple are dum and peeple liek me what dropped outta skool are the REAL telligent guys.