Friday, March 14, 2014

I get a big delight with every bite of Pie Day!

Hey, it's Pie Day!

Panels from Deadpool (2013 series) #11 (April 2013), script by Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn, pencils and inks by Tony Moore, colors by Val Staples, letters by Joe Sabino

In celebration of Pie Day, first, I dressed up like a pie!

Then, I had a pizza pie!

Finally, we all topped it off with delicious Little Stuffed Bull-Sized Personal Pan Pies!

So, while we're digesting those, let's take a look at some of the classic Hostess Fruit Pie Comic Book Ads! But as much as I love Thor versus the Ding-A-Ling Family, we've all seen the Marvel and DC superheroes use Hostess snack capers to thwart crime time and time again. So, let me show you some non-superhero fruit pie ads. They are best enjoyed while snacking on a delicious, tasty Hostess Fruit Pie, by the way.

from The Addams Family #3 (April 1975)

from Winnie-the-Pooh #2 (May 1977)

from Fat Albert #15 (October 1976)

from Archie's Girls Betty and Veronica #276 (December 1978)

from Daisy and Donald #26 (September 1977)

from Fat Albert #29 (February 1979)

Whew! Looks like pies are the universal constant across the infinite earths! Which is as good a reason as any to trot out an assortment of Hostess Ad Parodies! Please keep your tongue firmly in cheek, unless eating delicious fruit pies!

from Age of the Sentry #5 (March 2009)

from Thunderbolts (1997 series) #9 (December 1997)

from Edison Rex #4 (2012)

from The Intimates #3 (March 2005)

from Simpsons Comics #50 (August 2000)

from Deadpool (2013 series) #7 (June 2013)

And, of course, no celebration of Pie Day is complete without a look back at one of Hostess Fruit Pies' greatest victories!

Panels from Spider-Man/Human Torch #3 (May 2005), script by Dan Slott, pencils by Ty Templeton, inks by Nelson and Tom Palmer, colors by Sotocolor, letters by Dave Lanphear

Hooray! Well, that about wraps it up for another successful Pie Day, and I hope you've enjoyed it as much as...

What's that?

Pi Day?!?!


Never mind.


Suzanne de Nimes (suedenim) said...

Pierre, you *do* know that you only "won" that contest not because you submitted third-party processed snack cakes, but because Richie Rich bribed the judges, right?

Erich said...

I remember something similar from an old sitcom (I think it was "Empty Nest," but I'm not sure), where a clueless supporting character entered a chili cook-off and won...then, in his acceptance speech, he thanked "the fine people at Hormel" because he genuinely had no idea that you couldn't use a mass-market mix.

Suzanne de Nimes (suedenim) said...

I actually saw something in real life (well, the real-ish life-ish stuff you get on reality shows, anyway.)

On the first episode of Hell's Kitchen, each chef presented a "signature dish" to Gordon Ramsay. One of them presented pre-packaged (might've even been "fresh frozen") tortellini with canned tomato sauce.

Of course, as anyone who's watched like 5 minutes of any Gordon Ramsay show could predict, all those things are instant-loss material with him.

Bully said...

I would pay good money to see Gordon Ramsey let lose with both barrels at Richie Rich.