Friday, March 07, 2014

365 Days of KirbyTech, Day 66: The Finkatronic Ray

Not all KirbyTech is created within the Marvelverse or the DCverse, of course. For example, on Earth-B (for Bongo!):

Panels from "Captain Cupcake and Pieboy!" in Simpsons Super Spectacular #5 (July 2007), script by Mike W. Barr, pencils by James Lloyd, inks by Andrew Pepoy, colors by Rick Reese, letters by Karen Bates

Yes, that's the Finkatronic Ray, because Professor John Frink is now the evil villain scientist Professor Fink! I knew there must be a reason! I'm not certain why his Finkatronic Ray makes coins have a longer history instead of just making the metal more worn and aged, but hey, Pieman! I say we let this one slide.

Oh now! Pieman and the Cupcake Kid have been hit by the Finkatronic Ray! What will happen to them? I donut know! Tune in same Simpsons time, same Simpsons channel, to find out...oh, wait, the story's not continued—it just keeps going.

Bart's an adult? And Homer's a kid? What's more, Homer has hair, beautiful hair! I'm not seeing any drawbacks to this one, folks. Except, yeah, maybe for Marge. And for beer. Beautiful, delicious, beer. And Marge. It's a Mike W. Barr story, so here's the obligatory detective scene:

Say, Frick...I mean onto a pretty good thing here. Why, he could solve the food crisis in just a few days by aging seeds into fully grown vegetables! He could de-age appliances so that they would always work as good as new! And he could speed up the beechwood plywood aging process of Duff Beer to ensure there's always enough of that wonderful Duff! Also, making really old people young again and making diamonds out of coal, sure.

Ha! Pieboy and Captain Cupcake pulled a switcharoo on him! This is not at all similar to all the times when Batman would dress up as Superman and laugh off the exposure to Kryptonite, not at all. Because it involves a rubber bald wig made out of a volleyball.

Then, it's time for exposition. Mmm, sweet, sweet exposition.

We can of course be relatively certain there will never be any other appearances of Kirby-inspired technology in the Simpsons Universe, however.

Panel from "The Coming of Gastritus!" in Simpsons Super Spectacular #3 (July 2006), script by Tom Beland, pencils by John Delaney, inks by Andrew Pepoy, colors by Nathan Hammill, letters by Karen Bates


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