Monday, February 24, 2014

365 Days of KirbyTech, Day 55: Reed Richards' Portable Energy-Detector

Tonight at 13th Dimension you can find a guide, with specially-written mini-biographies, of each of the contributors to 13D: The 13thD Super Team: Who We Are and How We Came to Be! I would like to point out that it include my person pal John DiBello. Aside from that claim that "he writes most of the stuff" here at Comics Oughta Be Fun! (heresy!) it's a pretty accurate depiction. He does want to shake Ben Grimm's hand and thank him for the events of Marvel Two-In-One Annual #7, one of the greatest superhero comic books of all time. How great is it? So great that the Thing is acclaimed as the ultimate fighter in the universe, the warrior who will not give up.

Also, because of Reed Richards' Thing-Finderer...I mean, his Portable Energy-Detector.

Panels from Marvel Two-in-One Annual #7 (1982); script by Tom DeFalco; pencils by Ron Wilson; inks by Bob Camp, Mike Esposito, Frank Giacoia, Dan Green, Armando Gil, and Chic Stone; colors by George Roussos; letters by Jim Novak

Clearly an evolutionary and technological advance on Reed's Heat-Image Tracer, it picks up and analyzes not heat, but alien residue. So, like, stray hairs that fell off the Watcher's head (wait, perhaps a bad example), fabric shreds where Dominus stepped accidentally on his really dramatic albeit waaaaay-too-long cape, or the Silver Surfer's belly-button lint. Instantly Reed discovers that the alien being who kidnapped Ben Grimm has cosmic energy and power greater than Galactus and stranger than anything our puny Earth minds can conceive. So, Cosmic Paris Hilton, then.

Later, of course, Sue pointed out that they could just click on Ben's laptop to "Show My StarkPhone," which zeroed directly in on the Thing, allowing the Fantastic Four to rush directly to his side at the bar of the Yancy Street Grill. It was Monday night: 25¢ buffalo wings and buck-a-drafts, and Mavericks vs. Knicks on the big screen. Sometimes Ben just can't escape his "pals," not even for just one ferschluggin' night. Whatta revoltin' development.

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