Saturday, October 29, 2022

Today in Comics History, October 29: Happy birthday, Winona Ryder!

This is an expanded and updated version of the classic post "Comic Book Winona Ryder!," originally published November 1, 2013.

Born on this day: Winona Laura Horowitz, but she lets me call her Winona Ryder.

Is she in any comic books? Hmmm...

from Alien Resurrection #1 (top) and #2 (bottom) (Dark Horse, October-November 1997), script by Jim Vance, pencils and inks by Eduardo Risso, colors by Dave Stewart, letters by Gary Fields

Franchise Crossover Comic Book Winona Ryder!

from Aliens vs. Predator vs. The Terminator #1 (Dark Horse, April 2000), script by Mark Schultz, pencils by Mel Rubi, inks by Christopher Ivy, colors by Dave Stewart, letters by Pat Brosseau

Love at First Bite Winona Ryder!

from Bram Stoker's Dracula #1 (top and middle) and #2 (bottom) (Topps, October-November 1992), script by Roy Thomas, pencils by Mike Mignola, inks by John Nyberg, colors by Mark Chiarello, letters by John Costanza

Saturday Morning Cartoon Comic Book Winona Ryder!

from Beetlejuice #1 (Harveym October 1991), script by Angelo DeCesare, pencils by Ernie Colon, inks by Frank Hill, colors by "In Color," letters by Jorge Pacheco

Comic Book Winona Ryder Mom!

from Star Trek Countdown to Darkness #1 (IDW, January 2013), plot by Roberto Orci and Mike Johnson, script by Mike Johnson, pencils and inks by Davie Messina, ink assist by Marina Castelvetro, colors by Claudia Scarletgothica, letters by Chris Mowry

Comic Book Winona Ryder Mom, Boldly Going!

from Star Trek: Boldly Go #4 (IDW, January 2017); script by Mike Johnson; pencils, inks, and colors by Tony Shasteen; letters by AndWorld Design

We're MAD about Comic Book Winona Ryder!

from Mad (top to bottom) #304 (script by Dick DeBartolo, art by Angelo Torres), 319 (script by Dick DeBartolo, art by Mort Drucker), 368 (script by Dick DeBartolo, art by Mort Drucker), and 442 (script by Jeff Kruse, art by Rich Tulka)

Rotoscoped Comic Book Winona Ryder!

from A Scanner Darkly (Pantheon, July 2006), based on the novel by Philip K. Dick, written for the screen and directed by Richard Linklater

Archie's Generic Comic Book Winona Ryder!
(And Generic Comic Book Alicia Silverstone and Gwyneth Paltrow.)

from "Picture This!!" in Cheryl Blossom (1997 series) #4 (Archie, August 1997), pencils by Dan Parent (?)

Sunday Night Animation Domination Winona Ryder!

(top) cover of Bart Simpson #39 (Bongo, December 2007), pencils by Jason Ho, inks by Mike Rote;
(bottom) from "Leader of the Backpack Pack" in Bart Simpson #92 (Bongo, September 2014), script by Max Davison, pencils by Rex Lindsey, inks by Dan Davis, colors by Art Villanueva, letters by Karen Bates

Indie Comics Winona Ryder!

from Something New: Tales from a Makeshift Bride (First Second, May 2016), by Lucy Knisley

"No, This Really IS a Comic Book" Comic Book Winona Ryder!

covers of Girls #4/1993 and 8/1994 (Hjemmet/Egmont Norway, 1993-1994)

Late Night with Comics Winona Ryder!

from Foolkiller (1990 series) #6 (Marvel, April 1991), script by Steve Gerber, pencils by Joe Brozowski [as J.J. Birch], inks by Vince Giarrano, colors by Greg Wright, letters by Phil Felix

Ultimate Comic Book Winona Ryder!

from Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #12 (Marvel/Ultimate, March 2002), script by Brian Michael Bendis, pencils and inks by Ted McKeever, colors by Transparency Digital, letters by Chris Eliopoulos

U.S.S. Comic Book Winona Ryder!

from Guardians of the Galaxy (2019 series) #1, 2, and 4 (Marvel, March-April and June 2019), script by Donny Cates, pencils and inks by Geoff Shaw, colors by Marte Gracia (#1-2) and David Curiel (#4), letters by Cory Petit

Strange Comic Book Winona Ryder!

from Stranger Things #2 (Dark Horse, December 2018), script by Jody Houser, pencils by Stefano Martino, inks by Keith Champagne, colors by Lauren Affe, letters by Nate Piekos

Stranger Comic Book Winona Ryder!

from Stranger Things: Zombie Boys one-shot (Dark Horse, February 2020), script by Greg Pak, pencils and inks by Valeria Favoccia, colors by Dan Jackson, letters by Nate Piekos



Tom said...

Of course, Comic Book Winona is also featured in last month's SANDMAN:OVERTURE, but that was a given, right?

Tom said...

And if I knew that Comic Book Catherine O'Hara was in BEETLEJUICE, I would have picked up a copy or two!