Tuesday, October 01, 2013

I'm Seeing All Red

A few weeks ago I resurrected my sleeping feature Monday Night Murals just to spotlight an amazing interlocked set of covers by one of my favorite comic artists, Mike "Madman" Allred! Tonight I'll do the same with another dormant blog feature, the superannuated Separated at Birth. And yet, it's starring that same Mike Allred guy I was talking to you about in the last sentence (remember?). Why? Because I love Mike Allred! Tale it away, Mister Mike, with a post-modern retelling of a classic post-Kirby FF F4 cover!

Left: Fantastic Four (1961 series) #109 (April 1971); pencils by John Buscema, inks by Joe Sinnott, letters by Sam Rosen
Right: FF (2013 series) #7 (July 2013); pencils and inks by Michael Allred, colors by Laura Allred

(Click picture to fantasticize)

Cool, huh? Say, have another one...they're fun!

Left: [Uncanny] X-Men (1963 series) #1 (September 1963); pencils by Jack Kirby, inks by Sol Brodsky or Frank Giacoia (?), colors by Stan Goldberg, letters by Art Simek
Right: Comicology #3 (Fall 2000); pencils and inks by Michael Allred, colors by Laura Allred

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Whoa, baby! That's almost more Mike ('n' Laura!) Allred that we can all stand. In that case, how will you react to this: the only pogs I ever would have bought in my entire li'l stuffed life, if only they had been printed! Why, these pogs themselves might have completely redeemed the reputation of those little cardboard discs from laughing stock anti-collectibles to pogs of which future generations would have spoken of in hushed, reverent tones...naw, who am I kidding. They'd still have been pogs. But they would have been Marvel Universe Pogs by Mike Allred, mind you!

Article from Marvel Vision #21 (September 1997), pog art by Mike Allred

Sheesh, that's the most I've ever used the word pog on my blog. If you're not all at the door later tonight with a lynch party, p'raps I will hunt up the article promising Steranko, Rude, McDaniel and Darrow pogs. But hey, always remember: they're still pogs. Even when they're All Red!


Blam said...

Yay! I can die happy — although still after a long, fulfilling life as a centenarian or thereabouts, one would hope — now that my work has been featured by the world's bestest Little Stuffed Bull: namely, the corner box 'n' letters of the cover to that Allredific ish of Comicology!

Bully said...

I didn't know that when I put it up, Blam! Very cool!