Tuesday, February 05, 2013

365 Days of DC House Ads, Day 36: DC House Ads Super-Subscription Week, Day 3

Two-page subscription ad for DC Comics (1972); printed in Batman #239 (February 1972)
Scripter and artist uncredited. (Is it Carmine Infantino and Dick Giordano?)
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Here's a half-page version of the same ad, from Secrets of Sinister House #4 (April-May 1972). No scissors for Tommy in this one!


Dave said...

Oh, silly Bully. As Scipio proved, Central City has the biggest sidewalks in the world, so what appears to be fifty miles away is actually on the same street.

Unknown said...

I remember when my subscription issues used to arrive in brown paper FOLDED IN HALF. Glad they eventually switched to mailing them flat.

Adam Barnett said...

Three bucks for a years worth of comics... Those were the days, my friend. We thought they'd neeeeever end...

Blam said...

The whole first panel, that curly-haired kid, and the skyline all scream Infantino. He must've done at least rough pencils for this. However, Tommy's face suggests to me that either another penciler worked over Infantino and went heaviest on him (as "the pretty boy" vs. the supporting character) or that whoever inked it was told to do the same. It almost looks like a Curt Swan face. Dick Giordano is a likely suspect in circumstance, but it doesn't look enough like his work to me; based on Tommy and the girl, I'm actually inclined to think maybe Bob Oksner but that's just a guess.

I might bring this up on the GCD lists. Something tells me we've talked about there before.

And the letters are definitely Gaspar Saladino.

Blam said...

The verdict of a couple of GCD'ers whose art-spotting abilities I respect say Giordano inked over Infantino, based on his romance work, and the more I've looked at it I've been coming around to the same opinion.

So while we may never know who wrote or colored the thing, the rest seems to be Infantino/Giordano/Saladino — recipe for a musical tongue-twister if I ever heard one. 8^)

Bully said...

Thanks, Blam!

This iteration of the ad doesn't seem to be listed anywhere on the GCD (although the smaller, half-page one does). We'll have to add it!

Blam said...

There are actually at least two instances of the 2-page version in the GCD. I did a Story Title search for just {I Have No More} given that the punctuation was tricky and got a total of four hits:

It looks like someone has added credits to the one in GL #88 since I did the search before bringing the question to the list, too — either that or a totally missed that they were there. 8^)

The sequence isn't entered at all for the Batman #239 record, though. I was planning on adding it and correcting the others once the discussion seemed definitively over, but if you want to do it you're more than welcome.