Monday, September 17, 2012

100 Things That Make Star Trek Great

I had to cut out some that almost made my 100, plus I'm sure there's some you disagree with or think I left out. Don't be shy: phasers on full in the comments and let me know what I've missed!


-- MrJM said...

We must drink. This is tranya. I hope you relish it as much as I relished this post.

-- MrJM

Mikester said...

I submit to you my favorite Star Trek moment of all time:


Anonymous said...

Iggy Pop as Yelgrun the Vorta.

Sean Murphy said...

A lot of good ones... bet you wish you had room for:
James Tiberius Kirk
Klingon Shakespeare
Lore (or even Data)
Captain Kathryn Janeway
Seven of Nine
The Enterprise Space Shuttle (both real and fictional)

Isaac said...




Gordon D said...

My favorite line from Star Trek:

"'s green"

Jee Jay said...

I second
Captain Kathryn Janeway
Seven Of Nine


Cmdr. Kira Nerys
The Warp Drive
The Organian Council

...(sigh) need a bigger list.

Harvey Jerkwater said...

--Jeffries Tubes
--Saucer Separation
--Darmok and Jalad, on the ocean
--That damned soft-focus used on any closeup of any woman on the original series
--"The Negron Complex" (...what, don't you watch "Mad Men?")

Harvey Jerkwater said...

"Space Lincoln" suggests YouTube shorts, doesn't it?

CHEKOV: "Keptin, another American president is in space before us."

KIRK: " it, Mr. Chekov?"

CHEKOV: "President Neexon, sir."

KIRK: "Arm phasers."

CHEKOV: "Behind heem...sensors indicate eet is...what is 'Warren Gamaliel Harding?'"


googum said...

Phaser rifles.
The Romulan Commander from "The Enterprise Incident."
Tri-Ox Compound. Or what might be Tri-Ox...
The music. All of it.
Scotch-flavored gum.
The Mego action figures and bridge set.
"He stayed at his post...when the other cadets ran."
Thomas Riker.
The Jem'hadar.
Gold Key, baby.
Holographic bullets.

Bully said...

Everybody's coming up with great ones! Some suggested things that were on my long list but got cut to narrow it down to 100: the space shuttle Enterprise, Quark, the Organians, the Jem'Hadar, the female Romulan Commanders.

Ones I wish I'd thought of: the Mugato, "It's green," Darmok and Jalad, "He stayed at his post...," Gold Key covers. Everybody's sending in great suggestions but I'm kicking myself for not including these!

Maybe I oughta do Another 100 Things......

Bully said...

Also, really shoulda been on there: D. C. Fontana.

SallyP said...

Thank you SO much for including naked Q. You made MY day!

Bill D. said...

Outstanding list. But since you asked, here's what I'd add:

Yeoman Mia Colt.

Yeoman Smith from Where No Man Has Gone Before (

Angry Punk on the San Francisco bus.

Wil Wheaton (though not Wesley Crusher).

Those two guys who monitor time travel that Sisko has to talk to.

Koloth's smirk.

Miniskirts in outer space.

Spock's belated Kobyashi Maru solution.

Planets where the entire civilization resembles just one aspect of Earth history.

Captain Sulu.

Cameos by officers who resemble 20th century celebrities (Captain Kelsey Grammer, Lt. Christian Slater).

The Mutt said...

Kirk's dive-roll.

Geoff Roberts said...

Yay! Thanks for this post, Bully. Long live Trek!

If you DO decide to do another 100 post, you may want to include the Star Trek Online MMORPG, it's terrific.

daryl said...

The Romulan commander was a woman. Other than that,fantastic list.

Sean Murphy said...

Some other choices...

- Scotty speaking into the mouse in Star Trek IV
- Vash
- Lwaxana Troi
- Doomsday machine
- I'm a doctor, not a bricklayer
- Barclay

Unknown said...

This list is meaningless.
Sure, the Two-Handed KIRK PUNCH is cool, but it pales in comparison to the Two-Footed FLYING KIRK KICK!
I'm shocked that none of the other commenters noticed its absence.

Bill D. said...

Oh, one more: the Picard Maneuver. Not the thing where you rapidly go into and drop out of warp to confuse enemy sensors (though that's cool, too), but the one where you pull down your shirt after it rides up when you stand.

Randi Mason said...

Maybe "100 moments that make Star Trek great"?

Brian Doan said...

Great list! But no Major Kira? Or Bashir? Those are two of my favorites, and much more interesting than Riker (I'd also make room for Jake Sisko).

And while I get the Roddenberry ending, no room for David Gerrold, D.C. Fontana or the irascible Harlan Ellison?

But thanks for including Benny Russell. "Far Beyond The Stars" might be my favorite episode of any ST series, ever.

JDMeans said...

I'd have added:

Wallace Shawn as the Grand Nagus
Gul Darheel/Amon Maritza
Leah Brahms
Data as Sherlock Holmes
The Doctor Chaotica holodeck program

Blam said...

This was... awesome, Bully. Just... awesome.