Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ten of a Kind: A Modest Ultimatum

If you can't read Klingon, click to translate!

Of course, there's always this advertisement for Coyote (from Uncanny X-Men #170):

And I'd be amiss of I didn't point out this attempt to shoot Halo, even if it's through a couple cats (this one from Outsiders #9:

But in the end, it's Peacemaker who knows the right direction to point a gun to get you to buy that comic:

(More Ten of a Kind here.)


Scott Ruhl said...

LOL@ "Buy my comic or I'll EAT this girl"!

Ryan Roe said...

I had a Spider-Man comic in the early 90s where the last panel was a tease for the next issue, with Venom saying, "Buy it -- or I'll EAT your dog!" I thought it was hilarious at the time despite never having seen the Lampoon cover.