Friday, February 03, 2012

"Sluggo is always an option."

Say it ain't so, Mike Sterling! Today Mike is so busy fielding phone calls about when the Watchmen prequels are going to be available, and if there will be accompanying pogs, that he hasn't had time to do a complete post for the day! Don't worry, Mike! I will help you out! I hereby donate this post to Progressive Ruin so Mike can have a day to relax! Kick up your heels and dance, Mike!


panels from Four Color #1034 [Nancy and Sluggo Summer Camp] (Dell, September 1959)


Even though I know how much you want to meet Kari Byron.


argh.sims said...

Yet another thing Sluggo and I have in common...

Nice job, Bully! Get technically less difficult, Mikester!

-- MrJM said...

Your ability to look into deep into a blog's souls is kinda eerie, Bully!

But I suppose you have special insight because you and Mike are both gifted at Making Fun Fun.

-- MrJM