Sunday, September 18, 2011

LOL Sundays #9: Not that there's anything wrong with that

Panel from Batgirl Adventures one-shot (February 1998), script by Paul Dini, pencils and inks by Rick Burchett, colors by Rick Taylor, letters by Albert DeGuzman


Suzanne de Nimes (suedenim) said...

Thanks, Bully! I'd been looking for that scene. For a while, I thought it had actually appeared in the animated series, but I guess that'd be a bit too much frank talk for TV about... girls going to the movies together and stuff.

Pj Perez said...

Wow, that's pretty brazen innuendo for a kids' comic. Not that I mind, I just wonder how many conversations with parents that page sparked: "Mommy, what kinda friends does Batgirl mean?"