Saturday, July 02, 2011

Same Story, Different Cover: Captain America — Fightin' mad at The New York Times!

L: Captain America #109 (January 1969 ), cover art by Jack Kirby and Syd Shores
R: Marvel Super Action #11 (December 1978), reprinting Cap #109, cover art by Bob Budiansky and Klaus Janson

(Click picture to America-size)


Anonymous said...

Wow, Comics more than doubled in 10 years. Curse you Jimmy Carter!

Anthony Hochrein said...

Then they rose to 50 Cents a copy a couple of years later! Bleh! At least DC had a few oversized books that were still affordable!

Britt Reid said...

Prefer the original.
Besides being Kirby, the "newspaper" emphasizes the "origin" aspect.
The re-do is nice, but generic.

Ironically, Marvel would re-tell the origin within four months when Steranko missed his deadline for #112 and Kirby did an entire issue over a three-day weekend to get the book to the printer on time!
(Let's see any of today's artists do THAT!)

This led to a running gag in Not Brand Echh to the effect that Cap couldn't go more than a couple of pages without re-hashing his origin over and over and over...! ;-)

Those were the days...