Wednesday, January 19, 2011

All About Wolverine!

Wolverine is happy to see you!

What If? v2 #63

Wolverine has very special happy memories.

Wolverine Manifest Destiny #4
Wolverine Manifest Destiny #4

Wolverine loves sushi!

What If v.2 #43

I mean, really.

What The? #2

Wolverine got game.

X-Men #4

Wolverine is a talented prop comic.

X-Factor v.1 #70

Wolverine celebrates his victories with modesty.

What If? #37
What If? #37

Wolverine enjoys taking his kids to the movies.

The Wolverine family at the movies.

And then acting out their favorite scenes.

Wolverine Origins #35


Wolverine Mighty Mugg


Myron said...

Is Wolverine trying to conjure up a patronus in picture #2?


Unknown said...

I didn't know where it was going and then it went to "mine."

Well played, wee Bull. Well played.

Scott Bryan said...

*British accent* to respond to Myron,

No! Peter Pan is teaching him to fly!

Anonymous said...

I love Wolverine.