Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday Night Murals: Stop Hurtfully Instigating Elaborate Loathsome Deeds

As we gear up for the greatest holiday of the year*, let's try something a little bit different in the mural department tonight. Let's not look at a cover mural...ah, c'mon, stop with the boos. (I'm too young to drink it!) Instead, feast your oculars upon comics' first four-page interconnected spread, from the mega-mind of Jim Steranko and his ground-breaking and senses-shattering work on the Nick Fury series in Strange Tales:

Strange Tales #167

Four pages from Strange Tales #167 (April 1968), script, pencils, and colors by Jim Steranko, inks by Joe Sinnott, letters by Sam Rosen
(Click picture to secret-volcano-lair-size)

Whoa. My little stuffed mind is officially blown. But let's let Jaunty Jim Steranko (and his pal Stan) explain it all for you:

Strange Tales #167

And how cool is Jolly Jim? So cool that he brings us another two-page spread at the end of the story:

Strange Tales #167

Huh...I'm beginning to suspect that that guy on the left is the same dude who I used to always lose to in Saturday Morning Chess Club. You know, I don't care what he haltingly told me...I don't think that's really Chess Grandmaster Lev Alburt after all!

*December 23: the birthday of Nick Fury, agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.*

*Several Hippopotamuses Impersonating Elephants to Liqudate Dumbo

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Dave said...

I was one of the kids who succumbed and bought a second copy. What the hell? It was only an extra 12 cents or so.