Friday, December 31, 2010

365 Days with the Guy Freaking Out On the Cover of Action Comics #1, Day 6

Superman #136
cover of Superboy/Risk Double-Shot #1 (DC, February 1998), pencils by Joe Phillips, inks by Jasen Rodriguez

Exciting, huh? Join us again tomorr...

Superman #124

Ummm...oh, I'm so sorry about that. Er...would you prefer I do a different 365 Days character in 2011 than you, Freaking Guy?

Superman #201

Oh, no problem...say, are you Jimmy Olsen?

Well, anyway: TOMORROW: 2011 begins with a real new 365 Days with...!


Scott Bryan said...

I knew it! Ok, Plas! Plas! Plas!

The League said...

I am so disappointed (not really), but I had absolutely no idea how you were going to do that 365 times.

Happy New Year!

Reg said...

So go we finally get the long awaited 365 days of Sue Storm then?

Siskoid said...

Here's hoping you bring back the feature from time to time, cuz there are plenty more!

Warriors Three will do just fine though. Bring on the bluster!

Alex said...

I honestly had no idea how you were going to keep this up for 365 days, but for the first six, this was the best thing ever. So yay for that.

Phineas Q Fisticuffs said...