Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fifteen Things You Never Knew About James Bond

James Bond knows where cigars come from.
Indian James Bond

He wears a stylish orange suit and sky blue trousers.
Indian James Bond

James Bond is slow to take a hint.
Indian James Bond

Bond has never read a DC comic book.
Indian James Bond

He is very rude to hotel clerks.
Indian James Bond

He knows all about Chinese culture.
Indian James Bond

He thanks girls for getting him off.
Also, he knows what a Chinese name doesn't sound like.
Indian James Bond

Death and microfilm are his sterious.
Indian James Bond

Indian James Bond

Occasionally, James Bond transmutes into a fish.
Indian James Bond

While the safe is blowing, he tastes fish.
Indian James Bond

In fact, Bond is a carnivore.
Indian James Bond

James Bond is one lucky S.O.B.
Indian James Bond

He knows how to relax.
Indian James Bond

Indian James Bond
All panels are from the James Bond comic books Death of a Spy,
Chinese Riddle
and Super Duper, published in India by SP Ramanathan.


Chris Sims said...

Standing O.

Jayunderscorezero said...

That certainly is some unusual lettering.

David Campbell said...

Mind blown.

SallyP said...

Well that was fun. Incoherent, but fun.

Dave said...

I would pay good money to see a regular series of this.

Kumar Sivasubramanian said...


You're copy seems to be more censored than mine:

Prankster said...

Wow. That's totally going on my resume: "I am a karate speci alist, good at shooting too."


Evan Waters said...

For a second there I was wondering if Gold Key's standards had really slipped.

Ajnaabi said...

Really Superb, i must admit :)