Sunday, March 07, 2010

Huge Amazon Graphic Novel Sale!

I don't know whether it's a glitch, a sale, or just plain "Crazy Eddie" insanity, but there's a huge number of omnibus and archive-sized graphic novels on sale right now at Amazon for $15 each or less. (Since all the affected publishers are distributed to Amazon by Diamond, I'm guessing it may have been brought about by errors in the datafeed that Diamond has provided to Amazon, but that's just a hunch.)

EDIT, 3/7/10: Looks like it's all over but the shouting by fanboys, folks, as the prices and life returns to normal. I'll leave the links up a little while longer and then take them down later, so if you're still buying, check your prices in your shopping basket. Hope you got some good deals. Remember that it's entirely possible Amazon may cancel your order and refund your money (this unexpected situation would have left them without enough or any stock to fill these massive orders). And as Gail Simone so wisely tweeted: "Everyone who does buy something from this sale should make a point to go buy something cool at their local comic shop, as well."

EDIT #2, 3/7/10: Looks like everything has reverted or is changing back to normal, folks, so I've removed the links. You can try surfing around to see if anything is still marked down, but at this point it's likely you may get a nice "Sorry, we can't fill your order, here's your credit back" email from Amazon.

EDIT #3, 3/8/10: Part of my order has shipped, and the rest still shows as "Shipping Soon" or "Not Yet Shipped."

EDIT #4, 3/9/10: The rest of my order has been cancelled. Ah well, life. You pays for your ticket and you takes your chances.


Jhunt said...

There's no LINK!!! Ahhhhhh!!!!

Bully said...

Jhunt! Click on any box to go through to the Amazon store. But you're right, I'll put a main link up at the top of the post!

SallyP said...

Ooooooohhh! Terry & the Pirates AND Torpedo!

If they only had Rick O'Shay I would be in heaven.

Unknown said...


On behalf of myself and my numerous comic reading friends that I phoned: Thank You!

I could kiss you on your fury bull mouth for this, but I won't.

Philip Lee said...


FF, X-Men, Iron Man & Hulk Omnibusses all ordered, total of 32 bucks.

Good eye, Bully!

Andy Goldman said...

I actually ran into this by accident this morning. Wolverine Omnibus (normally $60) for 8 bucks, Invincible Iron Man Omnibus vol 1 (not yet released) for 8 bucks. X-Men Mutant Massacre hardcover for 15 bucks. I went ahead and ordered those, though I wouldn't be surprised if they say they can't fulfill the order at those prices.

Jhunt said...

Awesome! I was able to grab the last two vols of Terry and the Pirates! I placed another order for Madman, Invincible, Death of Cap and Ultimates, but I'm less confident of that one being filled.

Carl Walker said...

Came here through Sean Collin's site. Thanks for the heads-up; some of those omnibi (is this the spelling of the plural?) were $15 last night, and I was able to resist them then, but no longer. However, some of them are already, as of 11 AM pacific, being taken down, such as Death of Cap, Fraction's Iron Man, and Brubaker's Daredevil. I went with Lee/Kirby F4 and Bendis Daredevil V2, and got to free shipping with an un-discounted trade. Am curious to see whether it's honored at all.

Bully said...

Looks like everything's reverting to normal, folks.