Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ten of a Kind: Let's all go to the lobby to get ourselves a comic

Special thanks and a tip o' the nose ring to Mighty Mike Sterling, Awesome Andrew Weiss, and Cuddly Chris Sims for suggestions and help! More Ten of a Kind here.


Sol (Frederick) Badguy said...

This entry is pointless
Sorry to say that Bully, but it's unbelievably nonsense

Michael Jones said...

I'm afraid I don't get the connection between these 10 at all! (But it does give me some ideas for covers I was gonna scam for tomorrow's post...)

Erich said...

Michael: The connection is that they're all take-offs on famous movie posters.

Demon #17: Gone With the Wind
Angel #10: Pretty Woman
Painkiller Jane #5: La Femme Nikita
Futurama #7: Terminator
Justice League #27: The Exorcist
Trinity Angels #7: Showgirls
Simpsons #41: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
Angel #25: A Clockwork Orange
Get Kraven #3: Scarface
Animaniacs #9: Pulp Fiction

Michael Jones said...

Thanks Erich, the embarrassing thing is that I've seen all those movies but didn't even notice the homages!

Mikester said...

Sol - Just because you don't get it doesn't mean it actually is pointless. Please refer to Erich's comment above.

Sol (Frederick) Badguy said...

Alright, thank you Erich & Mikester

Yatz said...

Nikita!! Damn it, tried for ten minutes and couldn't come up with it (probably because it's the poster for the rather shitty American version...)

Unknown said...

I didn't get the connection until I got to the Clockwork Orange cover. I used to have that poster hanging in my bedroom in high school.